Now that The Clone Wars is officially over and The Bad Batch is taking over as the new hot animated Star Wars show, most fans assumed the days of Matt Lanter as the voice of Anakin Skywalker were over.

But, according to Lanter himself, Anakin will be making a comeback to Star Wars animation.

“There’s some new Lucasfilm Animation going on. I’ve been a part of some things I can’t talk about yet. You’ll see Anakin again,” Lanter promises. “I never quite put Anakin down, whether I’m doing a video game or something new for Lucasfilm Animation.”

Given the nature of The Bad Batch show, it is highly unlikely that we get an actual Anakin appearance. At this point in the timeline, he has already fully become Darth Vader, so any shades of Anakin would only be seen through Force connections or memories, but Lanter specifically mentioned NEW LF animation projects, which means something we haven’t heard about yet.

For my money, I would love to see a series set in the Age of Resistance with cameos by Force Ghost Anakin to Rey or Kylo along the way. The sequel trilogy had a glaring lack of Anakin Skywalker in the series given that one of the main characters was obsessed with Vader and his legacy. I think it would be awesome to have a Clone Wars style show that fills in gaps and pulls the sequel trilogy together, and a show like that would definitely benefit from some Anakin Skywalker in it!

What do you people think? Where will we see Anakin next?

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