Ever since an Inquisitor-looking character appeared in the Ahsoka teaser, fans have been speculating who it may be. Now, thanks to the official media asset site for Disney, the mystery has been solved, but has it really?

According to the information provided by the website, it has been disclosed that the individual embodying the role of the Inquisitor is Marrok. Notably, Marrok is portrayed beneath the helmet by Paul Darnell, who served as Cavill’s stand-in for Superman in Man of Steel.

If Marrok is actually this character’s name, they would be a completely new addition to the timeline. This means they would be introduced into a period where Inquisitors were not known to exist. Unless this individual has found a way to use the World Between Worlds to travel through time, it seems unusual to introduce a new antagonist who has no ties to Ahsoka, the Rebels crew, or their past.

We’ve speculated that Marrok could be a bait and switch and the real person under that mask is Ezra, who like Revan, has been brainwashed while lost in the Unknown galaxy, and he’s being used to take out his former allies. It is possible to consider the idea that Marrok might be a decoy, concealing the true identity of Ezra. Just like Revan, Ezra might have undergone brainwashing during his time stranded in the Unknown galaxy. As a result, he could now be manipulated into eliminating his former comrades.

It would be even more impactful for Ahsoka if Barriss, the real person behind the mask, was revealed as the culprit. This revelation would hit Ahsoka particularly hard, given their tumultuous history within the order.

Is this guy really Just Marrok, or are we about to get tricked with an elaborate deception?

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