Have you ever wondered exactly what happened to Luke Skywalker’s severed hand after it fell down the never ending shaft in Cloud City? Many people have wondered about this, and it has been rumored that the original opening scene for The Force Awakens showed Luke’s hand floating through space.

There are also factions of the internet that believe Luke’s hand will make an appearance either in the flesh or in conversation in TROS. Could it have been retrieved by the Imperial remnant and used to create Rey? Does Maz Kanata have the hand hidden away in a different box than the Skywalker family lightsaber?

We still don’t have any concrete canon stories about the hand or it’s current whereabouts, but Mark Hamill has a theory about what happened to the hand and revealed it on his Twitter a couple days ago.

Did I build it up enough in the intro to make you believe that something real was coming? Yes? Good. If you don’t know already, Hamill is well known for his Twitter antics and jokes about the franchise and everything pop culture related, so it’s no surprise to see something like this on his Twitter.

It is also a very timely post given the upcoming release of The Addams Family animated film in October.

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