We haven’t covered a single Bring Home the Bounty reveal to-date, but that changes today thanks to a few solid new TVC figures, and of course SWGoH, which is also getting a new character to farm.

Starting with SWGoH, it was revealed today that Boba Fett, aka, Neo Fett, aka Mando Fett, will be joining the holotables as a new toon to farm and synergize with other nefarious Star Wars characters. At the time of this posting he hasn’t been added to the game yet, so keep an eye out on any updates over the next week or so.

A few new worthy Hasbro toys were also revealed this week, and once again the TVC line is shining with its new reveals. Collectors will be able to add Corvus Ahsoka Tano and a Death Watch trooper to their collections, while Black Series collectors can add The Client, aka, Werner Herzog. The TVC figs will be available for pre-order tomorrow, 10/27, while The Client will be available soon to pre-order.

You can check out the full list of Bring Home the Bounty reveals over on StarWars.com.

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