The TV spots keep coming for The Mandalorian Season 2, and while they mostly show the same scenes over and over again, we did get a look at what appears to be a traveling companion of Din and the Child.

Head on down below to check out the video breakdown for this gecko-like alien in The Mandalorian.


Hey now Star Wars speculators, thanks to another new TV spot for The Mandalorian Season 2, we now have a new character to dissect as we try to speculate our way to some answers for the show’s next run of episodes.

Now this character isn’t any of the rumored ones we’ve heard about, so don’t get too excited, but he definitely is tied to the egg canister I discussed last week, and it now looks like he or she for that matter, will be joining Mando and the Child on a mission at some point. 

We know this now thanks to a few frames from the new TV spot, which reveal that a Gordon Gecko like character is in the ice caves with Din and the Child, at least during the shootout we’ve seen, which by the way is probably between Mando and a bunch of big ass spiders a la Shelob’s kids from the Tolkien-verse. 

Anyway, I believe this very practical looking alien, which does look a little too practical, at least in how he’s captured in these frames, is the same one we’ve seen before in this shot. 

It just makes too much sense for him not to be this alien right here, and the fact that the alien is sporting the egg canister, it’s safe to say that the four of these characters link up for either a mutual agreement, or to help Mando on his quest. 

I’m guessing now that the egg canister is probably full of baby Gecko aliens, and for whatever reason, Mando was hired by this gal to take them somewhere in an exchange for information on his Space Wizard quest. 

I don’t know, this is a fun one as this alien doesn’t look like any other Star Wars aliens we’ve seen so far, so it’s hard to figure out what motivations it may have to link up with Din and Vice Versa. 

Either way though, it looks like Din, the Child, and the Geico pitch man will be getting into some trouble together and the egg canister seems to be the reason why. 

Season 2 can’t come soon enough!

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