I’m thinking Microsoft may have jumped the Mando Monday gun, because the electronics retailer has unveiled a new The Mandalorian themed wireless Xbox controller nearly an hour before the official Mando Monday start.

Xbox gamers can now pre-order a Mandalorian armor themed wireless controller, which will work with most Xbox consoles. The controller features a Beskar armor design and other accents from the show, such as an image of The Child on the bottom of the controller. It is available for pre-order now at $159.99 and includes a charging stand. It currently has a release date of 12/31/2020, but I think that’s a placeholder.

About the Controller

Armor-clad in a Mandalorian pattern reminiscent of beskar steel, this Xbox Wireless Controller and Xbox Pro Charging Stand are a triumph of ergonomic design. Enjoy textured grips, custom button mapping, and up to twice the wireless range.* A magnetic contact system allows for one-handed play while you charge. Walk the Way of the Mandalore with technology forged together for a matchless fit.

Stay tuned for more Mando Monday reveals when they officially kick off at 1P EST today!

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