It is indisputable that Samuel L Jackson is the most famous Hollywood actor to ever portray a Jedi on the big screen, but it is definitely open to dispute that the character that he portrayed, Mace Windu, is the most powerful Jedi of all time.

Outside of the movie universe, we have seen Mace’s power displayed in more impressive ways, mainly via The Clone Wars TV series, but now we see an ultimate display of power via Marvel’s Age of the Republic comic series.

Now you may be wondering what makes the 2 pages listed above so special. Why is what is shown here considered so powerful? Well according to established canon, very few Jedi possess the ability to communicate with other Jedi via tru long distance Force communication. It is considered almost impossible. All Jedi can feel things through the Force, but sending actual messages is very difficult. We have seen this happen between Luke Skywalker and his father, Darth Vader, in Empire Strikes Back and between Luke and Leia in ESB, but aside from that, we have no other examples in current canon that are based purely on Force communication.

There seems to be some confusion though on the next page that is showcased. Some fans out there believe that assembling a lightsaber with the Force is something that is very difficult, but it has been shown via Star Wars: The Clone Wars that even younglings can assemble lightsabers via the Force.

via Voca Productions

Overall, a good find by our friends over at CBR, but a little off in terms of the level of skill required to assemble the lightsaber.

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