An artist who goes by Intouch Kachanan on Behance had an art class project, and the submission is to die for if you’re a Star Wars fan. In particular, a fan of Luke Skywalker and his journey over the five films he’s been portrayed in.

Image Credit: Intouch Kachanan

The poster features a silhouette of Luke during his final moments in The Last Jedi, but it reflects to a scene from A New Hope. It really is a beautiful piece of art that perfectly captures Luke’s journey from being a farm boy on Tatooine, to an old Jedi Master on Ahch-to who sacrifices himself to give the galaxy hope once again. This is definitely an art piece I’d like to have in my Star Wars cave, because it speaks volumes without saying a lot in terms of imagery that is.

The emotions it can elicit are strong, so I hope Intouch got an “A” for this project. Hit up the artist’s Behance page to check out more awesome art.

Featured Image Credit: Intouch Kachaban

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