I bet you thought we forgot to post last week’s new Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short! Well, you’re right, but it was more a case of laziness, than forgetfulness, but who’s really keeping score anyway.

Last week’s short features a visual retelling of Luke escaping Jabba’s Rancor from Return of the Jedi, albeit with the amped up anime infused stylings of the Galaxy of Adventures series. I need to just create a copy and paste template for my description of the visual style, and how it should be applied to a full on Star Wars movie or extended short, because it gets obnoxious to write about it every single week, but it’s true. These shorts are just brilliant to behold, so check out the newest entry above.

Star Wars monsters was the theme over at Star Wars Kids last week, so we also got a new Fun Facts video to provide details on some of the more iconic monsters, which you can see below.

There’s also a counting video to capture the number of monsters featured throughout the saga.

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