Lucasfilm and Disney have released a compilation of all of the Luke Skywalker-centric episodes and Fun Facts videos from the new Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures web-series, that airs on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel.

It’s been re-dubbed as Luke’s journey to becoming a Jedi, and shows him as a farmboy on Tatooine, and then it follows him en route to taking on the Emperor and Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi. It also weaves in his Fun Fact video, which are fantastic animated encyclopedia entries for Star Wars characters, vehicles, factions, etc..

Of course, if you’re a long time Star Wars fan, then these videos and this compilation won’t reveal anything new to you, but if you haven’t been watching the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures shorts when they release, then you have to get acquainted with them, and Luke’s journey to becoming a Jedi is a great episode to start with.

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