Thanks to the 2020 Star Wars comic book run, we now know that Rey wasn’t the only Jedi in the Skywalker Saga to have a yellow bladed lightsaber.

While the results of Luke’s search remain to be seen, it would appear he eventually obtains a replacement… See the young Jedi ignite a never-before-seen yellow lightsaber on R.B. Silva’s STAR WARS #6 cover below—and learn more when this issue hits stands this May! –

Marvel teased this new addition to canon with a shot of Star Wars #6, which is due out in May. On the cover you can see Luke Skywalker wielding a yellow bladed lightsaber, which apparently he used in between ESB and ROTJ, before he built his iconic green bladed saber. Apparently yellow is all the rage for young Jedi who lose their lightsabers for one reason or another.

Like we’ve been saying on the show, it’s the little canon additions like this that make these Star Wars comics insanely cool to consume, especially if you’re not a fan of some of Disney’s current Star Wars films. I definitely can’t wait to find out how Luke came into possession of this saber, so stay tuned for our breakdown of Star Wars #6 this May!

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