Star Wars #9 2020 is out now, and while it may not offer up an interesting tale, it did have some cool Easter eggs, a possible connection to other sci-fi franchises, and a slightly ridiculous addition to the Star Wars canon.

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Hey now Star Wars comic book fans, it’s time to breakdown the new canon that Star Wars #9 2020 provides, and if you can’t tell by the video title, it’s pretty weak. 

These recent Star Wars issues have been rather lackluster, and #9 is no different, even though it kicks off a new storyline for the run. 

Although, it does feature a few cool easter eggs, so I’ll start with a few of those. 

Up first we get to see Poe Dameron’s mom and dad Shara Bey and Kes Dameron, who aren’t even a thing yet at this point in time, but they are a part of the Rebel Pathfinders, and get sent on a mission by Leia. 

Ok, so for the interesting new canon moment I went with the fact that Lobot is sporting some sort of dreadlock look with his interface. I guess it’s also interesting to note that prior to ROTJ, Lobot and Lando were assisting the Rebel Alliance, but they did not consider themselves to be a part of it yet. We know Lando eventually makes the pledge, but we never see in the movies at least what path Lobot took. 

And now back to just some easter eggs, starting with this guy’s mechanical chair, which just may be the same one Nute used in The Phantom Menace. 

That guy is the curator at a Coruscant museum and it looks to me like he even has artifacts from other franchises, because this thing looks like a freaking Xenomorph skull, and this dude looks like a Predator. I’m not fully saying that we have a full on pop culture franchise mashup going on, but you can’t tell me that these don’t look like an alien and a Predator.

It also looks like there are a couple of temple guard helmets and a saber in there too. 

And to round out the comic’s Easter Eggs, this Rebel is a Quermian, which is the same race as Jedi Master Yarael Poof from TPM. 

Then the museum guards seem to be sporting the same armor as the old Republic Senate Guards that protected the chancellor back in TPM. 

There you have it, a decent issue for eggs, but a weak one for interesting new canon. I’m expecting things to improve in #10, but for now I have my sights set on the next Vader issue, because that run in 2020 hasn’t let me down yet. 

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