Star Wars Kids was very active this week as evident by the three new videos released that are aimed at providing kids and non-Star Wars fans with bite-sized retellings of Star Wars lore, as well as some fun with lightsabers.

There are two lightsaber videos in particular. The first is a Fun Fact episode, so it provides detailed information about lightsabers, how they’re made, where they get their color, and how they are wielded. It’s essentially an animated encyclopedia entry for lightsabers, so it’s an informative watch.

The second lightsaber video is purely for fun. It aims to show off every single lightsaber ignition in the Star Wars movie universe. It starts with Luke’s first ignition of his Father’s lightsaber, and ends with, well, why don’t you try and guess.

The latest video comes from the channel’s Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures series, and it is a retelling of the Luke and Vader duel from The Empire Strikes Back. It’s a masterful looking recreation of this iconic Star Wars duel, and the anime visual style is perfect for the moments it shows off. At this point, I’d take all of the films in this animated format in full. Please, I will pay for them!

Make sure to hit up Star Wars Kids for more great and informative videos!

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