The Exclu Magazine tipped us off to a cool new LEGO product line that gives fans collectible wall art pieces to build that will feature various pop culture characters and people. While the sets range from The Beatles to the MCU, we are most concerned about the radical looking Sith Lords set, which features four possible wall art pieces to build based on Darth Maul, Kylo Ren, and Darth Vader.

You will be able to build either a Vader, Maul, or Ren Portrait, or the three can be combined to create an epic Darth Vader piece. Just note that you would need to buy three sets to complete the Vader epic, so if you wanted to display every possible Star Wars LEGO mosaic, you would have to buy six total sets at $119.99 a piece. Yikes, but they do look very unique and would make for some great additions to your Star Wars shrine room.

Stay tuned for more details on these LEGO mosaic wall art pieces.

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