Splash News via Daily Mail, has posted some intriguing leaked set photos from The Acolyte series, and it offers multiple looks at the show’s cast of characters, including a few High Republic era Jedi.

For those wanting a clean slate approach to The Acolyte, you may want to hit the eject button now!


The leaked photos below show off more than a few characters, including the ones played by series lead Amandla Stenberg, Lee Jung-Jae, Dean Charles Chapman, and supposedly Dafne Keen. The image of Dafne doesn’t really look like her, but that’s what Splash News reported. She looks closer to Margarita Levieva, who was recently rumored to have a guest spot in the series.

In terms of speculations, it appears these scenes take place on a planet that has female warriors who all use some sort of bow and arrow setup as their weapons. They may be protecting the Zabrak female you will see below. You’ll also see Amandla stenberg’s character with them, so she may be possibly helping them protect the Zabrak as well now that she is no longer a Jedi.

The Jedi seem to have been called to this planet for one reason or another, so it may be possible that Dean-Charles Chapman is playing Lee Jung-Jae’s new padawan, or he is playing the Wookie Jedi’s padawan. It’s clear that Amandla’s character is no longer a Jedi due to her not being dressed in the Jedi kits of the era.

All images via Splash News

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