A series of Star Wars: Episode IX set pics have leaked out, and based on them it appears that the film and at least a few of its heroes and villains will be visiting a snowy planet. In fact, they may even be battling on this snowy planet based on one of the pictures, which showcases burnt trees and other set dressings that could signify some sort of shootout ensued.

The set pics come from Luke Griffin, who just appears to be a regular Star Wars super fan and geek on IG. Who knows how he got them, but he’s awesome for doing so. One would have to assume that he’s over in the UK where the film is being shot, but again, no details other than the shots and a basic description have been provided.

Below you will find a set of eight pictures teasing the snowy planet that will be featured in Star Wars: Episode IX. As you can see the set is dressed with snow, and there’s even a structure being built for it. This structure is more than likely a Resistance or First Order base, but it could also be just an important location that the factions are interested in for different reasons.

The shot embedded below provides a better picture of the battle damage the set is dressed with. I don’t think this will be a massive ground battle, but it will be a skirmish probably the same size, if not a bit smaller on the Resistance side, as the Battle of Takodona in The Force Awakens.

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