The good folks over at Making Star Wars have once again come up with a pretty enticing piece of information for us hungry Star Wars fans. This time it comes in the form of some leaked concept art. Take a look below

I know what you are thinking, “What the hell is this pixelated mess?” Valid question, but if you focus in on the top left image and the bottom right image, you see a very distinctive feature, lava. As a Star Wars fan, lava should bring to mind one very specific place, Mustafar, and when you think Mustafar, you should immediately be thinking about Darth Vader.

Yes, from this image, speculation has started that we may make our way to Darth Vader’s castle on Mustafar, the very same one we saw in Rogue One.

Now, there are many ways that we could get there in The Rise of Skywalker. Most of the speculation is around the rumored Force Flash Fight that will take place between Kylo and Rey. This fight is said to be so intense that the two will blink to and from many different famous locations in Star Wars history, the castle being one of them.

Another option is that the plot line of the movie may take our heroes, and villains, to this very place. We know that Kylo Ren has a deep obsession with his grandfather. We also know that there is a macguffin that will send our characters racing throughout the galaxy. Vader’s castle would be the perfect location to visit for both sides during this journey across the galaxy.

As with all leaks, I advise you all to take this with a hefty grain of salt until we get further confirmation from from Lucasfilm or Disney, but that being said, MSW has always been a solid source of information for all things related to in production Star Wars.

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