Making Star Wars has all sorts of new rumor action for the Ahsoka series including revelations about new force user characters, and a potentially super rad looking battalion of Stormtroopers.

While these are rumors, you should still avoid reading further if you want to go into Ahsoka as fresh as possible.


Ivanna Sakhno’s Shin and Baylon’s Powers

Just before the Holiday, MSW revealed that Ray Stevenson would be playing a character named Baylon, and now MSW is reporting that Ivanna Sakhno will be playing Baylon’s apprentice/assassin named Shin.

Shin will be a dark side force user and potentially aligned with the Nightsisters from the “New Beyond”, and Baylon will be her Master.

According to MSW, his sources told him that Baylon is actually a Jedi who survived Order 66 and fled to the “New Beyond”. Over time he became corrupted, possibly from this region’s Nightsister faction, and took Shin on as an apprentice.

Somehow, Baylon and Shin team up with Thrawn, and are charged with taking out Ahsoka Tano. These will be her and the Rebels’ crew antagonists in addition to Thrawn himself. You have to figure Ezra will come into play as well, and will more than likely will help to stave off the threat of Thrawn, Baylon, and Shin if and when they make it back to known space to take on the New Republic.

Thrawn’s Kintsugi Stormtroopers

MSW has also recently reported that Thrawn will have a force of reforged Stormtroopers, who’s armor will be styled in a similar Kintsugi fashion as Kylo Ren’s helmet in Episode IX. MSW is stating that the material will be gold in color instead of red, so try to think of troopers with gold veins in their reforged armor. The bowl below should give you an idea.

MSW is speculating that at some point these Troopers were almost crushed like glass, but then were put back together in a great show of force. This could be the undead army he’s speculated about that Thrawn will have and will lead back to the known galaxy to challenge the New Republic, and more than likely Luke Skywalker himself.

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