Star Wars #10 is out now, so I’ve given it a read and have some new canon bits to report back on. Unfortunately, in terms of being an entertaining read, #10 is still a bit of a bore. Head on down below for the breakdown.


Star Wars #10 2020 is now in distribution, and it continues the Operation Starlight thread that kicked off in issue #9. 

Like #9, I wouldn’t call it an overly exciting issue, but it did move the plot along while also giving us some new canon entries for Lando and his buddy Lobot. 

Up first, we get a bit more backstory on the bond between Lando and Lobot, in particular, we learn more about why Lobot is so robotic at this point in his hybroid life. 

We knew Lobot got his implant from the Empire, but what we didn’t know was that he was mostly still human after breaking their conditioning. It wasn’t until a heist gone wrong with him and Lando that he lost most of his humanity. 

According to Lando, Lobot gave up most of his mind so Lando could get away, which is why he is more machine than man these days, just like our buddy Anakin. 

Unlike Anakin, Lobot isn’t a whiny dick, so he continues to help the Rebels by using his circuits to fix an ancient translator droid they need for encrypting their comms. 

Lando on the other hand is still being a bit slimy, because we learn that he has been tasked by Jabba the Hutt to steal Rebel secrets in exchange for his life. He even goes as far to tell Bib “the fat guy at the end of Mando S2 that Boba blasts” Fortuna that the Rebels are using a new code system for their comms. The only thing he doesn’t do at this time is turn over the actual codes, but he is thinking about it. He truly is Lando the Liar as Bib calls him, and a very shady scoundrel at that. 

We also got a little Easter egg in this issue with an IPD attack on Starlight Squadron.

The issue ended with the reveal that Lobot’s work with the ancient droid is killing him, so naturally Lando wants to put an end to the plan, but Poe’s Daddy has other ideas because his lady love is lost in space. 

Like I said the Lando stuff was pretty cool, but overall this is another ho-hum issue of the proper Star Wars run going down right now. 

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