Rounding out the ranks of the special colored First Order officers is the red officer, Major Elrik Vonreg. Major Vonreg is first seen in the Star Wars: Resistance pilot episode as the TIE ace who is taking on a group of New Republic X-Wings on his own. Along with his red colored suit, Vonreg also kicks around in a sleek looking red TIE interceptor. He is known to be a fierce adversary in the skies, often times winning dogfights when the odds are stacked against him.

While Vonreg is definitely an Ace pilot, he is not unhittable. Kazuda Xiono was able to strike a blow on Vonreg’s TIE, with a little help from Poe Dameron during their dog fight that opened the Star Wars: Resistance pilot episode.

Vonreg reports directly to Captain Phasma and is often put in charge of high value tasks, eg: delivering fuel to the ailing Colossus Station.

Major Vonreg is voiced by Lex Lang in Star Wars: Resistance.

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