The Kenobi series on Disney+ is right around the corner with an expected release day of May 4 2022, so it’s not a surprise that there are more rumors starting to hit the internet with the release date imminent and The Book of Boba Fett officially over.

These rumors swirling are mostly around the Inquisitors, specifically the Grand Inquisitor who is rumored to be played by Rupert Friend and the potential Third Sister played by Moses Ingram. According to Bespin Bulletin, the Inquisitors will be particularly brutal in Kenobi, which aligns with what we saw in Jedi Fallen Order and what is expected of basically any Dark Side force user.

… a scene where Moses Ingram’s (The Queen’s Gambit) character cuts off the hands of a Tatooine citizen which amusingly shocks the Grand Inquisitor. MSW goes on to say that the group are brutal in the series, and this scene of Ingram’s Inquisitor is just an example of the brutality we’re set to see in the upcoming series.

In addition to this info on the Inquisitors, MSW states that Vader will be portrayed by 3 actors in Kenobi. No surprise here given the nature of the character and the fact that there are 3 actors who portray another masked character in the Star Wars TV verse, The Mandalorian.

The 3 actors who will reportedly be playing Vader are Hayden Christensen in any scenes where his face is shown or is disrobed in any way, Dmitrious Bitrevsky when Vader is sitting or standing in his suit, and Tom O’Connell when Vader is fighting. Bitrevsky was likely chosen as the sit/stand Vader due to his size, 6’6″+, and O’Connell is a well-established actor and stunt person who knows how to handle himself in fighting scenes. This aligns perfectly with what we have seen in The Mandalorian with separate people playing the character in different situations.

We are about 3 months away from the release of Kenobi on Disney+, so stay tuned to the Star Wars Time Show for more info and news drops about the series.

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