Katee Sackhoff sat down with EW to talk about The Mandalorian Season 3 and how she feels about why Bo-Katan has made some of the choices she has made since teaming up with Din in the second episode of the show’s third season.

Spoilers will follow.

In this week’s episode of The Mandalorian, Bo chooses to not reveal to Din what she saw under the living waters, but according to Katee, this wasn’t a purposefully shady choice. In fact, it sounds like Bo herself may not have even trusted what she thought she saw.

“She doesn’t trust necessarily what she saw. She might have thought that she imagined it. There’s so many things that she’s trying to process in her head that I don’t necessarily think that it’s something that she wants to tell anyone about right now.” 

Katee Sackhoff – EW

She definitely did appear shellshocked before and after the reveal, so this theory is believable, especially since the actor bringing her to life is running with it. Bo could very well be a bit blown away by all the events that have gone down, and she doesn’t really know which way is up currently. I for one buy the fact that Bo didn’t keep the mythosaur hidden for some sort of dark agenda, and like Katee explained in the interview, Bo doesn’t really know Din outside of his beliefs and skills, so she would be a bit cagey around him.

Katee also went on to explain how Bo-Katan felt about being accepted into the Children of the Watch, which she and her kind have described as a cult since Season 2. Katee explained that during her initiation, Bo was weighing her options because she truly is alone. She also explained that Bo is truly surprised at the welcome she receives by the Watch, especially considering how she has talked about them and considered them as the breakers of Mandalore in the past.

“She truly is alone and has nowhere to go. To be immediately accepted by people is new for her. She may or may not be trying to figure out if that’s a place where she should potentially stay.”  

Katee Sackhoff – EW

Finally, Katee shed some light on Bo’s ambitions, and if she still wants to be the Leader of Mandalore. You may be surprised by her response.

“I truly believe at this point that she hopes someone else steps up. She doesn’t want the responsibility. The responsibility cost her everything. Leading didn’t work, so maybe fitting in will.”

Katee Sackhoff – EW

This statement definitely provides some clarity about Bo’s endgame, and while Katee could be trying to throw us all off, it does sound like she’s being genuine about how she feels her character felt throughout the shoot she did for Season 3.

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