Jude Law, who is playing what appears to be a Jedi in Skeleton Crew, sat down with EW to talk about the show and its tone, and how it hopes to achieve the Amblin movie feel that Spielberg perfected.

In fact, series creator, Jon Watts, discussed their desire to channel Amblin movies from the get go. He sums up his Star Wars project like so:

“a story about a group of kids, about 10 years old, from a tiny little planet who accidentally get lost in the Star Wars galaxy. And it’s the story of their journey trying to find their way home.”

Jon Watts

Christopher Ford, who helped Watts create the series, expanded upon the show’s tone and what age groups it will cater to.

Skeleton Crew‘s tone is an adventure. We wanted it to be a lot of fun. But of course, along with adventure comes the downside of it, which is danger. And when the kids are in danger, it’s extra fraught. So we played with that, but overall we wanted it to be just a fun adventure.

Hopefully it can be for all ages. When we told Kathy Kennedy about that we wanted to go for that Amblin tone, which she perfected over the years, what she would say is that they never thought of those as movies for kids. They just happen to be about kids, a story of a kid going on an adventure. So it could be for anyone.”


Jude was asked about his character and the fact that fans saw him levitate something in the Celebration trailer, but he wouldn’t confirm if he was a Jedi, even though that cat is out of the bag. He does explain that his character may not always be all warm and cuddly.

“I can’t tell you very much about my character. He is someone the children meet on their attempt to get home. He is like a lot of the world that they experience: contradictory, and at times a place of nurture and other times a place of threat.”


He went on to talk about how the young characters will be who fans experience the story through, and how at times it will get quite dark for them as they have to deal with adult characters on their journey.

“Because it’s through their eyes, at times there’s a sort of goofy nature and a goofy relationship between the kids and the adults. And then other times it’s really quite dark and quite scary, which I guess is what the world probably looks like to an awful lot of 11-year-olds.”


If anything, it sounds like Jude’s character will have an interesting bond and effect on the young ones, so this show should be unique from what has come before it.

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