A clip of John Boyega discussing future Star Wars work in 2020 has resurfaced online, probably because he claims he’d be open to returning to the franchise if certain people are involved.

“Whichever way, I am open to the conversation as long as it is Kathleen, J.J., and maybe someone else and the team, it’s a no-brainer.”

John Boyega

I’m not sure if this was recorded before he called out Disney’s treatment of his and Kelly Marie Tran’s characters, but I still take him at his word. Based on past interviews he always seemed happy about Star Wars until TLJ, which sent his character on a different narrative arc than he and most fans expected, so saying he’d return if the OG team was in place does make sense. I mean JJ did try to fire up Finn’s Force potential again in TROS, but due to that film’s rushed plot and odd direction, a deeper dive into Finn never happened.

I’d definitely be down for a return to the Sequel era as long as a freaking plan is in place for the story if it is to be more than one film. Just ask JJ about plans and Star Wars!

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