We weren’t expecting to get anything on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker until tomorrow, but it appears that some footage has already been shown off at D23, and it seems like it may be the quick reel shown to investors a few month back that was described on Twitter by a fan.

Anyway, the footage is shitty looking because it’s a smartphone recording, but you do get clear looks at a few scenes. I’d say the most intriguing one is of Kylo looking at Vader’s helmet in some sort of storage container. The room looks super sterile, almost like Vader’s old meditation chamber, and Ben has his helmet sealed up like it’s some expensive collectible. What is this conflicted Skywalker-Solo up to?

Twitter user OneCap8 grabbed screenshots of the clip, which you can see below via his feed.

The ones of the good guys all together should warm your hearts, but I wonder where R2 is at in all of these, especially the one with the heroes on Pasana. Where is our little astromech?

Via Reddit

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