Thanks to a LEGO set leak and an interview with Natasha Liu Bordizzo, fans of Star Wars Rebels and the upcoming Ahsoka series have some new information to dive into about the latter.

Jacen Syndulla Redesign and New Ahsoka Character Names

Up first is what seems to be a redesign of Jacen Syndulla for the Ahsoka series. Thanks to a LEGO set leak of the Ghost for the Ahsoka series, it’s clear that Jacen has had some style changes since fans last saw him at the end of Rebels. In Rebels, he had bright green hair and eyebrows, but based on his LEGO minifig, it appears that his locks have gone dark.

This is probably due to his upcoming live-action debut in Ahsoka, but one has to wonder why such a drastic color change was made. They could have gone with a darker green to keep some similarities intact, but clearly that choice was not made. This isn’t really a huge deal as other characters from animated Star Wars have also had their appearances and colors slightly tweaked for live-action, including Ahsoka herself, so stay calm and move on.

In addition to seeing the new look Jacen Syndulla, the LEGO set also provided names for two background characters seen in the Ahsoka trailer. The Mon Calamari is Lt. Beyta, and the human male is First Officer Hawkins.

Ahsoka’s Place in the Mando-verse Timeline

Thanks to a recent interview with Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who plays Sabine in Ahoska, it appears that the series will take place during the events of The Mandalorian Season 3. This interesting piece of information implies that neither Ahsoka nor Sabine were involved in Bo and Din’s mission to reclaim Mandalore. Additionally, this narrative choice will enable the show to connect with the Thrawn reveal from the Shadow Council scene in the penultimate episode of Season three. These new revelations deepen our understanding of the characters and the world they inhabit, providing an exciting foundation for future explorations.

Journey to Ahsoka Featurette

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