Star Wars Celebration Chicago resulted in all sorts of awesome reveals that started with the title and first teaser drop for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and ended with our first looks at new seasons of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Resistance.

While those were mega-reveals, if you weren’t paying attention to the interview circuit, you may have missed out on some key information drops from J. J. Abrams via an interview with ABC, and Kathleen Kennedy via an interview with MTV News.

I cover the reveals in detail via the embedded video above, but the quick run down goes like this:

  • J.J. hinted that while they honored what Rian did with Rey’s parents in The Last Jedi, he revealed that there’s a bit more to her parentage than was let on.
  • Kathleen Kennedy hinted that the characters developed in the new trilogy, could appear in future films or TV projects.
  • She also confirmed that KOTOR era projects are being looked at in development stages.
  • Kennedy also revealed that Disney and Lucasfilm are aware of Star Wars fatigue, and based on Solo’s box office troubles, it sounds like they won’t be doing two Star Wars movies in a calendar year ever again.

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