J.J. Abrams was out promoting Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on Good Morning America today, and while he didn’t show off any of the film’s big secrets, he did offer up two little interesting anecdotes about the movie itself.

First up, J.J. confirmed that he just put the finishing touches on the final version of the film yesterday, right before his GMA appearance. This is probably why we got the first actual clip from the movie, which features a chase on the desert planet Pasanna.

The next interesting nugget Abrams gave us, possibly explains why this movie’s plot leaked so hard a few months ago on Reddit. According to him, one of the actors left their script under their bed in whatever hotel/apartment that they were staying in. From there a cleaning person gave it to someone else, who in turn tried to sell it on Ebay, which they did, but to a Disney employee who bought it to keep it from fully releasing into the wild.

Yikes, talk about a massive screw up, but it doesn’t sound like J.J. is ratting the actor out, who is more than likely one of the main stars, because background characters and secondaries don’t apparently get full on scripts, just the bits they need.

You can check out the full interview below.

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