It’s a new day, which means it’s time to be bummed out yet again by another major plot reveal that was curiously saved for The Rise of Skywalker’s novelization, and not for the movie that came out a few months ago.

This reveal is another kick in the balls for Palpatine’s thread, because again, it’s a scene that good have been easily captured in the film without taking up more than a minute of time, but for some reason this type of exposition for major characters was scrapped for a much peppier pace.

I’m talking about how he survived his fall after Vader threw his skanky ass down a shaft on the second Death Star. Thanks to the novel, we now know exactly what happened, what he was thinking, and how he survived the fall, and it would have made for some great connective storytelling if it were actually shot for the movie.

Basically, Sheev had known that Vader was slipping from his grasp, so he had a secret facility setup that was essentially going to be a home for his cloned body to receive his essence transfer, if you will, upon his death. As he was falling, he used his knowledge of avoiding death from Plagueius to project his spirit to this facility, but because he was killed sooner than expected, the new clone body wasn’t up to snuff, which is why he’s all busted looking by TROS.

I mean, that sounds like a pretty key scene full of important information that plugs all sorts of Palp-plot-holes, but I guess they wanted to save this type of exposition for a book, because, you know, that makes a ton of sense.

The book, which I’ll never read, is already shaping up to be the best version of TROS, and that blows my mind that Lucasfilm would allow a book to steal the show over the final Skywalker Saga film.

How are scenes like this and the others we’ve discussed, not key to the movie version? They all seem like they would’ve added the character exposition many fans felt were lacking in TROS, but for whatever reason, they were cut, scrapped, or forgotten, only to be revealed in the book version many months later.

What a joke…

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