Star Wars 2020 #4 is now available, so I dissected its new additions to canon and interesting moments for you all to consume below. Luke definitely had the more interesting new additions, which include how he got his X-Wing back from Cloud City, and who really found his lightsaber in the Cloud City trash heap.

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Star Wars 2020 #4 is now available, and like its predecessors, it’s packed full of awesome new Star Wars canon moments, but Luke’s thread definitely offered up the more interesting new additions to this franchise’s lore. 

In this issue we learn a few things that you may have never even thought about before, such as how Luke got his X-Wing back from Cloud City, how powerful he was with the Force after his defeat at the hands of his dad, what Lando thought of the Rebellion, who really found Luke’s saber, and a bit more light gets shed on the Jedi character featured from a few issues back. 

Oh, and Lobot is a beast when it comes to using Mouse Droids as weapons!

Anyway, in terms of the new canon for Luke, we get to see a few cool moments. Up first is his expanded mastery of the Force, which he uses a few times to save the day, but his most impressive use comes when he frees Leia by simultaneously unfreezing multiple carbonite units, and then air lifting ever blaster out of the Stormtrooper’s hands that were guarding them. 

This issue also offered more insights into how Maz Kanata ended up with the Skywalker family blade, and the mysterious Jedi-like figure featured a few episodes back. In terms of the saber, Luke never finds it himself, and he doesn’t really care because of how he feels about his Dad at this point, but later in the issue, an Ugnaught is seen recovering it. 

Now the Jedi figure still remains a mystery, but thanks to a vision Luke has, it’s confirmed that the Jedi is female, and that she has some sort of connection to Luke. 

Outside of Luke, we also learned that Lando is no fan of the Rebellion at this point in time. In fact, he thinks it’s a joke, and still believes in his scoundrel creed of protecting Lando first, and then everyone else can fend for themselves. 

It was a great issue yet again, and based on the end, it looks like we will get even more insights into what Luke was up to right after ESB, and we may get to know who this mysterious Jedi lady is, or if she’s a projection of the Force that he has in his head. 

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