Star Wars #5 2020 has been released, and while it treats Luke like a Bozo and moves the plot forward only very slightly, it still packed a few interesting new additions to Star Wars Canon, so head on down below to check them all out.

Oh, just wait until you find out what Luke thinks of sand!


Star Wars #5 2020 has been released to the world, and while it was a bit of a slow comic in terms of progressing the main plot threads forward, it still yielded some interesting new Star Wars canon worth going over. 

Up first, we learn that the Empire doesn’t mess around with anyone named Skywalker, in particular Darth Vader, as we see him end an impersonator right quick for boasting about being the pilot who took out the Death Star. 

It was interesting to see how far Luke’s Legend had spread since the Battle of Yavin, and that people tried to impersonate him for profit, but it was even better to see Vader do his thing, well, because Vader. 

We then catch back up with Luke, who is headed to Serelia to look for the female Jedi he has been seeing in his visions. 

Upon his arrival he does find her, but she gives chase, leading him to crash a skiff and wash ashore a beach she was last seen on. If you’re wondering why this is interesting that aspect comes from the fact that we learn that Luke, unlike his Daddy, freaking loves sand! I thought this was a hilarious move by the writers, and one of the cheekier Star Wars easter eggs I’ve ever come across, so kudos to them.

Once Luke finds this lady’s cave he gets trapped like a dope, and quite frankly, he’s kind of portrayed as a boob in this whole issue, but either way we finally learn who the female Force user is and it is Verla, who is a Canon character from the Dark Lord of the Sith Vader run from 2018. She was trained during the rise of the Empire by a Padawan turned Master in Ferren Barr.

After talking with Luke she learns just how clueless he is about the Jedi and how his mission to become one is dangerous. She essentially calls out Kenobi for romanticizing the Order and failing to tell Luke about the Purge and Order 66. 

She proceeds to drop those bombs on Luke, so we learn that he got his Order 66 history lesson from Verla first, and not from the two mega Masters who were already training him. It just showcased how dubious Obi-Wan and Yoda really were in trying to keep the past from Luke. 

Verla goes on to fill Luke in on the Inquisitors, but when she gets to talking about their Master and the worst Jedi hunter of them all, she can start to sense Luke’s conflict, and once she realizes he’s Vader’s son, which he still thinks is bullshit, she prepares him for execution. Cliffhanger time!

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