The Clone Wars: Shattered finally revealed how Captain Rex was able to avoid going on a Jedi murder spree after Darth Sidious enacted Order 66, so of course I had to do a video to highlight how his chip was removed.

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Thanks to Season 7, Episode 11 of The Clone Wars, we now have clear information on how Captain Rex removed his Clone Inhibitor chip to not kill jedi during Order 66, including his pal, Ahsoka Tano.

Up until this episode, Rex’s chip removal had been a mystery. We knew he had it taken out based on his appearance in Rebels, but how he did so remained a secret until now. 

I for one thought he may have already had it removed based on the events of Season 6, but clearly that wasn’t the case, as he did react, albeit with some resistance, to Order 66. I mean he tried his hardest not to fire upon Ahsoka, but the chip’s influence was too strong, so clearly he needed it removed to get him and Ahsoka to their respective Rebels timeline. 

What’s neat about the chip removal act, is that a bunch of Astromechs and Ahsoka were the ones responsible for the save. 

Ahsoka used the droids to corner and then stun Rex so she could get him to a med bay to scan for his chip. 

Although, the medical droids scans weren’t finding it, probably due to some Kamino tech used to hide it from standard scans. Therefore, she had to use the Force to make it appear, effectively allowing the droids to remove it with enough time for Rex to snap out of his Order 66 haze to save her life. 

And that is the story of how Captain Rex, I guess Commander Rex at this point, was able to remove his inhibitor chip without murdering Ahsoka Tano, or a single Jedi. 

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