Thanks to the final season of The Clone Wars, we now have a definitive answer on how Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex survived Order 66. If you watched the final two episode of the show, then you know how they made it out alive, but if you passed, the video below will get you all caught up on this new Star Wars canon moment.


Thanks to the final two episode of The Clone Wars’ seventh season, we now have a definitive answers as to how Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex survived Darth Sidious’ Order 66. 

It all starts in “Shattered”, where we learn that Ahsoka used some Droids to first learn about the inhibitor chips that Five warned Rex about back in Season 6. With that knowledge, she used those same droids, R7, Cheep, and GG, to knock Rex out and get him to a med bay to have the chip removed. 

She had to use the Force to find the chip, as scans wouldn’t reveal its location in Rex’s head, but once it was found the chip was removed and Rex no longer wanted to murder Ahsoka, so she now had an ally for her escape, which picks up in episode 12, “Victory and Death”.

Here we learn that Ahsoka and Rex refused to kill any of the Clones trying to murder them, and that Maul jacked the shuttle they intended on using to escape. In fact, Maul is sorta responsible for giving them a chance to escape in the first place thanks to him blowing up the ship’s hyper drive room and effectively causing it to crash on an unnamed moon. 

Anyway, as the ship is crashing the clones keep trying to take out Ahsoka and Rex, and they remain committed to not killing them, which almost costs them both of their lives, but thanks to the ship breaking apart, they ultimately escape in reckless style with Rex piloting a BLT-B-Y-Wing and Ahsoka BASE jumping to it in the nick of time. Their escape from Order 66 was now complete, at least from the 332nd clone division. 

We then see that they take the time to put their comrades to rest, which reinforces their bond to them, and the sadness that has befallen themselves and the galaxy due to Sidious’ grand plan. Ahsoka leaves her blade behind, probably in an attempt to appear dead as just another victim of Order 66 and the resulting crash of the ship that she, Rex, and their former clone friends were on. 

So that’s the new canon for how Ahsoka and Rex survived Order 66.

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