Hot Toys has rolled out some fresh new product photos for two new 1/6th scale action figures based on characters from The Mandalorian. The two characters are the Mando himself, and IG-11, who looks to at least partner with him on a mission or two in the show.

I’m not going to beat around the bush on these two gems. They look fantastic, and I’m feeling a strong pull to buy them both. The Mando is a guaranteed buy, mostly thanks to how badass his armor and costume look, but I think IG-11 has his merits too. They just look badass and as detailed as can be.

At this time we don’t know many details outside of what Exclu Collective has posted for the Mando (Exclu videos of the figures). Basically, he should be shipping late 2020 or early 2021, and I’d think IG-11 will ship then too. Price wise these look like $250+ type of figures, but there are no pre-order details on Sideshow yet, just the RSVP page.

Check out the galleries below!



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