Hot Toys has just revealed a boat load of new 1/6th scale action figures that are mostly based on The Mandalorian, but there’s some Bad Batch love in there too. Oh, they also revealed some new Mando inspired Cosbabies too!

At this stage release date and pricing information is limited, but I’m also being flooded with Star Wars Day news, so I may have missed some details. Either way, below are the goods, and I’m just going to let the glamour shots do the talking for now. There’s a good chance all of these will show up for pre-order on Sideshow Collectible’s site later today, or this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Update – Pre-order Information is up for the Hot Toys offerings.

Mando and Blurrg – Seems there will be a Blurrg standalone release too – ($555 for both $315 for Blurrg only)

Stormtrooper Commander – Mortar Trooper likely down the road

Grogu – ($145)

Echo ($285) – Hunter likely down the road

Future Sideshow and Hot Toys Teases – Kuill, Mando on Swoop, and Animated Anakin and Obi-Wan


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