Hot Toys has finally released glamour shots of its own life-size Baby “The Child” Yoda figure, and if you pre-ordered the Sideshow version like myself, you may be second guessing your decision after seeing this version.

UPDATE – Pre-orders are now live for this $410 Baby Yoda, aka, The Child figure!

Release date, pricing, and pre-order information isn’t available quite yet, but we do have some images to check out courtesy of our buds over at Exclu Magazine. As you will see, this figure set is way more complete than the Sideshow version. Hot Toys is offering up additional hands, ears, and accessories, so to me, it is a much improved version over the Sideshow figure.

I guess others like me will have to make the hard choice at this point, which is sticking with Sideshow and feeling FOMO over this Hot Toys version, or eating the NRD by cancelling the Sideshow in order to get the Hot Toys figure.

Yes, I know the world is ending from this virus, but let’s try to pretend it’s not and lament our struggles with buying high end Star Wars toys! Stay tuned to our socials for pricing and pre-order details.

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