The latest Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short perfectly captures the quirkiness of Hobo Yoda, aka, Dagobah Yoda, by using the stylized animation to make him come off as even more insane during his first meeting with Luke in The Empire Strikes Back.

I just love how over-the-top the artists animated Yoda for this iconic meeting of Luke Skywalker and the little green Jedi Master. It truly does make Yoda come off as even more eccentric than the live-action version of the same scene, and based on his behaviors, you can’t blame Luke for thinking that the little green alien he found couldn’t be the Jedi Master that Old Ben told him about on Hoth.

The short then goes into a flashback montage of Yoda during the clone wars being a badass, which provides even more awesome stylized retellings of key Yoda prequel moments.

These shorts definitely warrant your attention thanks to the awesome visual retelling of key Star Wars franchise moments, so head on up above to see Hobo Yoda and Pimp Daddy Yoda in glorious animated action.

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