Star Wars: Light of the Jedi is set to release tomorrow, January 5th 2021, and marks the official arrival of the High Republic Era of Star Wars. Disney and Lucasfilm welcomed the High Republic today with an hour long livestream event featuring Kathleen Kennedy and may of the authors involved in the publishing initiative.

The stream kicked off with the official launch trailer for the new era.

The trailer gives a quick overview of the time and the setting and closes out with an interesting line, “For the survival of the Republic, The Fate of All Jedi, For Control of the Force Itself.”

The trailer also mentions the finding of an ancient evil that threatens “all we know”, so perhaps the Nihil will serve as more than just a band of galactic raiders.

It was also revealed that the High Republic publishing initiative will span over multiple years and will happen in 3 phases.

There is no word on when each phase will being or end other than the first one, which starts on January 5th with the release of Light of the Jedi.

Stay tuned to SWT for all High Republic news!

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