The Triple Force Friday reveal went down earlier today, but it didn’t nearly show off all of the new toys that fans can start collecting on TFF, which is October 4. Luckily, has posted the goods, so we grabbed glamour shots for most of the figure based collectibles launching on TFF.

Up first, is of course the new Black Series figures. A few will get special white boxes to signify the TFF event, and Mando himself is getting a copper box, which I believe will be exclusive to Target, but for the most part, the figures are just in different boxes. Although, I believe the copper Mando box will have him with a metal helmet. Either way, it’s not like the various version offer up exclusive level accessories, so you shouldn’t feel too bad if you miss out on the first run versions.

There’s also new figures based on Galaxy of Adventures releasing.

And of course some new Funko Pops!

Don’t forget about all of the new LEGO sets!

How about this badass looking chicken walker from The Mandalorian?

Here are a few random lines, the golden boys will be Walmart exclusives, and the other set is from Kotobukiya.

You can check out all of the other collectibles over on

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