It was quite the busy day for Star Wars toy collectors yesterday thanks to the first official Mando Monday, but due to laziness, we needed an extra day to cover all of the reveals.

Painted HasLab Razorcrest

In addition to the Mando Monday product drops, Hasbro also showed off the HasLab Razorcrest project in its painted form. Instead of the boring grey-colored concept images we can now see the Crest detailed with paint and other nuances to bring the 1/18 scale model to life. The details are on point, and the paint really showcases how intricate this collectible is.

Again, I don’t collect this scale, but this thing is a freaking art piece, so I have committed to backing it! Less than 500 additional backers are all that is needed to unlock the third bonus accessory of carbonite bounties, so get to throwing some money at this thing if you can.

GTP Goes Official

The other reveal we missed was the fact that GTP Toys, the maker of Space Walls diorama pieces, has officially linked up with Disney to produce a 1/12 scale Tantive IV diorama set. The set is up for pre-order and is loaded with details that fans of A New Hope will be hard pressed to miss. The set retails for $179.99, and should ship next March.

You can check out additional details below. If you want to pre-order, head on over to GTP’s site from now until December 13th.


  • Over 130 individual parts and assemblies
  • Plug in power to light up over 80+ buttons, panels and display lights
  • Perfectly scaled to create dynamic scenes with your 6” action figures
  • Parts snap together for easy assembly
  • Measures over 36 Inches wide, 9 inches tall and 10 inches deep (93.2 x 25.8 x 23.3 cm)
  • 3 inch deep top shelf, (large enough to display more than 30+ figures)

Screen accurate details:

  • All 5 Pillars have corridor light panels with working LEDs
  • Doorway control lights and red overhead lit panels
  • Black recessed panels feature 4 different light configurations
  • Screen accurate designs and locations of “Greebles” on pillars
  • All 6 unique variations of wall panels
  • Left side and right side doorway light variations with rubber door seal feature
  • Floor with realistic panel design
  • Removable door with security door jams details

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