Hasbro has shown off the Tier 4 and 5 unlock reward for its HasLab Razor Crest kickstarter, which now has over 15,000 backers and is making its way towards the fifth tier of unlocks.

The Tier 4 unlock is a clear stand for the Crest, and it has already been hit by the project reaching 15,000 backers, leaving the fifth tier as the last goal to hit before November 9th.

The Tier 5 unlock, which will be reached if the project hits 17,000 backers, will afford fans an exclusive figure. The figure is an off world Jawa Elder named Arvala-7, and it will come with an exclusive Kukri knife, Necklace, and an open Mudhorn egg. The figure will also come with a special card back package.

Based on how this project is going, I would assume that the fifth tier will be unlocked shortly. The project is just under 2000 away from hitting the goal, so like I said, I do believe it will hit that number before the pre-order period is up.

Stay tuned for more HasLab updates as they become available.

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