Hasbro had a special Fan Reveal day yesterday, and among the items shown off were a few new Vintage Collection figures and a play set, as well as card back Black Series figures from The Empire Strikes Back.

None of the 6″ figures are new per se, rather they are getting the old school carded box treatment for those who like nostalgic packaging from the Kenner days of Star Wars toys. It should also be mentioned that these figures will go up for pre-order today on most retailers sites, so you can use our Entertainment Earth link to get them ordered up. If you do we may earn a small commission, so thank you.

Below you will find some images of the new figures courtesy of Exclu Magazine. Head over there to see more shots.

The Vintage Collection is adding the following figures to its lineup:

  • Rogue One Chirrut Imwe Reveal
  • Hoth Leia Reveal
  • Carbon Freezing Chamber Playset with Exclusive Imperial Stormtrooper Cardback
  • New HasLab Project coming August/September 2020

The Black Series lineup is getting fleshed out with these re-releases now on card backed boxes:

  • ESB 40th Cardback Darth Vader
  • ESB 40th Cardback Snowtrooper
  • ESB 40th Cardback Boba Fett
  • ESB 40th Cardback Dagobah Luke
  • ESB 40th Cardback Chewbacca
  • 2020 Wave | Hoth Rebel Trooper in new Packaging

It should be noted that Commander Cody is the Archive re-release figure too, which is kind of dumb, but oh well.

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