Hasbro held the first day of its Pulse Con event yesterday, and it revealed a few new collectibles for Star Wars fans to ponder. There was a little bit of everything with The Vintage Collection, the Black Series, and the HasLab lines all getting new reveals and pre-orders.


It was no secret that the Rancor was going to be the first ever Black Series scale HasLab project, but at the event fans finally got to see some renderings of the model to fully realize its scale. It’s also now up for backing over on HasbroPulse for $349.99, and will be available to back until December 6th.

Black Series

For the first time in the past few Black Series reveals, Hasbro actually showed off some good looking, new, figures. While there was another Mando-repack, the Cobb Vanth, Nomad Fett, and Migs Mayfeld figures all looked pretty great.

You can pre-order the Cobb Vanth now, but the other two aren’t available yet. The Mando-repack is surprisingly still available from Target.

Princess Leia’s lightsaber was also added to the pre-order list, so you can snag one from EE if you need it for your collection!

Three new Disney Parks exclusive sets were also shown off, and they’d definitely make for some good background fodder if you’re into photography.

There was also three new pipeline reveals in the form of Ewok Village Leia, New Republic Security Droid, and a Figrin D’an.

The Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection has seen strong reveals all year, and that continued at Pulse Con. Collectors can now add a new play set to their collection in the form of Nevarro’s Bar, as well as a few Specialty figs in the form of some Prequel era Jedi.

Most of these figures can also be pre-ordered now from Entertainment Earth.

There were a few retailer exclusives shown off too. These include the Walmart exclusive Mando pack, and the Hasbro Pulse exclusive Rebel trooper builder-pack.

TVC collectors also got to see what’s coming down the pipeline, and the characters chosen will make them pleased.

Nick and I will talk more about these new toys on next week’s episode of the SWTS, so don’t forget to tune into the Star Wars Time Show on a weekly basis via our podcast platforms or via YouTube if you prefer the livestream angle. 

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