Hasbro has continued the trend of curious reveals this past week with a slew of new Star Wars figures that have many fans wondering why they still support the brand.

Up first, collectors got to experience another Target exclusive shit show extravaganza with both The Vintage Collection and Black Series lines. If fans were quick enough on the TVC offerings, which were all from the animated Droids series, they may have secured the best new Hasbro releases of the past week, but due to the whole Target exclusive deal, it’s doubtful many actual collectors nabbed them as they sold out fast.

Surprisingly, the Black Series version of Droids Fett remained in stock after the first few seconds of his pre-order window going live, but as has been the case recently with this line, most fans were unimpressed by another Boba Fett repaint. At least this one isn’t some dumbass looking shiny version of credit-collection, but it also is just the same old Fett figure with some new colorings added to it.

To round out the curious reveals, Hasbro dropped a new Gaming Greats figure on collectors yesterday, and while the character choice and franchise are on point, the figure itself looks laughable. This is the Boss from Republic Commando reveal I’m referring to, and while he should be much easier to secure thanks to him being a GameStop exclusive, the figure isn’t even close to what Boss should look like, from a proportions standpoint at least. Look at the odd body size matched with the head, shit ain’t right.

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