Assemble your best Bounty Hunter starships Galaxy of Heroes fans, because the newest legenday event is live! For a limited time, and recurring every so often as usual, players will have the chance to fight for the most iconic ship in Star Wars history, the OT Millennium Falcon.

In order to unlock this ship, you will need to have a full squadron of decked out Bounty Hunters and the ships to go along with them, so if you have been neglecting the underworld presence, you may want to start building them up now.

As discussed in the announcement post, the ship will be piloted by Han Solo (raid Han) and Chewbacca (legendary) and synergizes incredibly well with other Rebel ships like Admiral Ackbar’s capital ship Home One, the Phantom and Ghost, and Biggs and Wedge’s X-Wings.

The Flight of the Falcon event is set to run til January 24th, so hop on now and make as much progress as you can!

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