Each week, Star Wars Kids puts out a fantastic little animated short that adeptly retells an iconic moment from one of the available Star Wars movies, and this week’s video reimagines Han’s asteroid field maneuvers and subsequent escape from a Space Slug in The Empire Strikes Back.

Once again, the animators have done a bang up job at retelling this moment that you’ve probably seen many times over by infusing it with a fresh look. The anime-esque visuals are to die for, and they take these classic moments and make them look even more epic and intense than they do in the live action movies.

I say it every time I post one of these, but we really do need full on remakes of the films using this style. I don’t even care if they’re abbreviated versions of the movies, I just want longer versions of these Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures shorts.

Pretty please Lucasfilm!!

Check out Han and the gang looking radder than ever above!

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