Luke Skywalker may have blown up the Death Star in A New Hope, but we all know that the REAL hero of the Battle of Yavin was non other than the Flyboy himself, Han Solo.

If it weren’t for Han’s thrilling return to battle, Luke Skywalker would have been blasted to bit and Star Wars would have ended right there. The new Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel covers that exact moment in history. The video even ads a bit of additional context to the story by showing Han and Chewie flying off in the Falcon and then turning back to save the day when Han is clearly reconsidering his decision to leave.

The clip uses the original audio from A New Hope, and as always, the animation style and action sequences are done in a very fun and captivating style. Make sure to check out all of the Galaxy of Adventures shorts by searching Galaxy of Adventures on Star Wars Time!

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