It’s a Monday during a run of The Mandalorian, so that means there are new collectibles to consider buying!

As usual, we will only list items that are of interest to us, but if you want to check out all of the new Mando Monday reveals, head over to the official page!

Alright, so for us here at the SWTS, the three new Star Wars Black Series figures are the new reveals that have us interested. The new figures are all long awaited characters from The Mando S1 that have been missing in other waves.

The characters are Moff Gideon, Kuiil, and Greef Karga. Each retails for $19.99, and I don’t believe any are exclusives to a specific retailer. I know Hasbro Pulse will have them at 4PM EST today for pre-order, but I believe Amazon, EE, BBTS, and the others will too, so don’t get to sad if they sell out fast on Hasbro Pulse.

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