May the 4th is right around the corner and for a Star Wars fan, that means there will be some pretty sweet deals out there at a ton of different shops.

Luckily, has put together a list of a ton of deals that will be happening on or around the day. Here are a few highlights I think you people may enjoy.

You can get a free Death Star II Battle set with a purchase of $75 or more through LEGO. Starting May 1st through May 4th

There are daily 50% off deals on Star Wars collectibles through Gamestop. Starting May 1st through May 9th

Score 15% off of all Star Wars Otterbox phone cases! Starting May 4th

Sideshow is offering $100 off select Star Wars figures. I know our toy following will enjoy that! Starting May 4th

20% off of SW merch at Target, excluding LEGOs. Starting May 4th

Make sure to get these deals while they last. Many of them are only valid on the day itself, so be quick and be ready!

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