If you can think back before Disney oversaw the Star Wars franchise, you may remember that George was working on a live-action Star Wars show that would be set on Coruscant, but in its underbelly, and not in the shiny locations we saw in the Prequels.

This project was to become Star Wars: Underworld, and apparently it was developed and worked on for five years between 2005 and 2010. George even had 50 scripts worth about 100 episodes or so of content, and there was even a planned two-episode arc featuring Vader going to the underbelly of the city world to quell a rebellion by himself.


Why did this stuff die? Well, apparently, it was all about finances at the time. There were no streaming platform deals back then, so ultimately George wasn’t willing to pony up 100s of millions of dollars to produce this type of Star Wars project. This could also be why he ultimately sold the license to Disney.

Now that this stuff is out there though, it’s hard not to wonder what if. You know Nick and I will riff on this further in next week’s episode, so get tuned in and subbed up!

Oh by the way, the cancelled 1313 game would have tied into this TV series, so yeah, one more kick in the groin for you.

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